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Another common mistake made by individuals who are up against traffic offenses is to assume that a small collection of these offenses is not a big deal. If you already have several moving violations attached to your record, you could actually be charged with a more serious crime and as a result face more serious penalties if you are convicted.

Don't fail to take these charges seriously.

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Ohio Points System

Ohio operates a points system that gives drivers a certain number of points for various traffic offenses. Getting too many points in a certain time period can lead to a temporary or permanent license suspension. The points given for a particular offense can vary based on the level of severity, but accumulating one or two serious violations in a short period could have major consequences for your driving record. Don't assume that a traffic ticket is a minor issue; hire an experienced attorney to assist you when it come to traffic offenses.

I have worked with numerous clients facing criminal traffic offenses in Ohio. The most common include:

  • ​Vehicular Traffic Offenses

  • Hit-Skip / Leaving the Scene Charges

  • Vehicular Assault

  • Reckless Operation

  • Driving under Suspension

  • Street Racing

  • Vehicular Manslaughter

  • Vehicular Homicide

  • Texting and Driving

  • Failure to Comply with a Police Officer

  • Willful Operation of a Vehicle

  • Operating a Vehicle under the Influence

One common mistake made by those being charged with traffic offenses is to blow them off as minimal issues and assume that you don't need legal representation to manage them. It's easy to think that these violations will be resolved simply after a fine has been paid or a driver education course completed. Unfortunately, those circumstances do not apply to all traffic offenses in Ohio. You might find yourself facing more serious charges, a jail or prison sentence, suspension of your driver's license, or even forfeiture of your vehicle.

Traffic Offenses