Michael R. DalSanto
Attorney at Law

There are many reasons that you might want to talk to an attorney for divorce modification requests. It's possible that you were not satisfied with a previous attorney's work, you might need sudden help in stopping the other parent's non-compliance with an existing order, or maybe you'd like to see the opportunities for stopping or adjusting spousal support or child support orders. I understand that your needs change over time and I can help you procure adjustments to court orders when those changes arise.

If your divorce decree is no longer workable and you would like to explore a decree modification, contact Attorney Michael DalSanto at
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Post-Decree Modification

Some common examples for requests that I assist clients with are:

  •  Spousal support: If you need help with increasing or decreasing spousal support order, this should be entrusted to an Ohio family lawyer with a strong understanding of the law and experience in this field. Perhaps your income has changed and you need an altered spousal support award to reflect that, or perhaps you have been injured or transferred to another company. I will work with you to try to obtain a more relevant spousal support order for these and other scenarios.

  • Child custody: Have your child's need changed? Have you or the other parent relocated? I can explain to you how Ohio custody law will treat these changes and whether your situation might warrant a shift in an existing child custody order.

  • Child Support: Whether your life has changed (through employment, disability or illness) or the needs of your child changed, I am on hand to assist you with alterations in child support orders.

The child custody and child-support provisions of your divorce decree remain effective for a long time - up to 18 years or longer in some cases. Perhaps the orders handed down with your divorce decree fit your situation at the time, but that doesn't mean that all aspects of your situation will stay the same. It's a common situation that after a court ruling or settlement, you will want to modify a divorce decree for adjustments. Two of the most common reasons for adjustment include child custody and child support. Other aspects of your orders that might change include modifications from the judge to pay spousal support or pay debts.