Michael R. DalSanto
Attorney at Law

If you are a father of a child and have never married the child's mother, you will need to establish your paternity of that child if you wish to pursue visitation or custody with that child. In Ohio, family law judges review the case and make a determination based on the evidence of paternity - oftentimes in disputed cases, this is a DNA test.


After paternity has been established, the court may order you, or the child's mother, to pay any past or future child support. Understanding the rights and responsibilities of Ohio fathers, I work hard to make sure the court establishes a fair child support order. I understand that family is important to you and I take your case seriously, advocating for your rights from day one. You should only trust your case to a family lawyer who recognizes the complexity of the issues involved in your case.  The outcomes of paternity cases will be determined based on a child's best interest, but it helps to have a lawyer working for you from the outset who is passionate and committed to getting you the visitation and custody you desire. I know the ins and outs of paternity cases in the state, which is why you can trust me to fight for you and your child.

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When you and a former partner can't come to an agreement over your existing paternity dispute, it's time to hire an attorney who can help you work through your issues and bring your case to a close. The personal attention I provide to my clients gives you the confidence in knowing that your case will be handled by an experienced and talented family law attorney. Paternity disputes can be difficult, so you should only trust your case to an attorney with a deep understanding of how these disputes can be resolved in Ohio.