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Even if it's your first offense, an OVI is no laughing matter. You should begin by consulting with an attorney who will explain the nuances of your case and formulate a strategy for proceeding. I will work with you to identify possible legal issues in your case and gain a comprehensive understanding of what happened during your OVI arrest. I know how to identify weaknesses in the other side and prepare our case in the most effective way for court. When you partner with me, you'll know what to expect and feel informed and confident about how your case will proceed. Don't let jail time, costly fines, or license suspension happen to you by making the mistake of not hiring a knowledgeable Ohio OVI attorney. You need experience and expertise you can trust, and I offer professional and personalized experience for my clients.

Some of the most common consequences for those convicted of OVI in Ohio are expensive fines,varying levels of license suspension, and possible jail time. One OVI charge can have a big impact on your life, so it's vital to hire a lawyer who knows how to proceed. As soon as possible after your arrest, you need to contact an attorney for a consultation.

Being pulled over and checked for driving under the influence can be an extremely overwhelming experience. You have rights, too, but in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to remember this information. If you have been charged with OVI, you need an attorney with sharp statutory knowledge about how to handle the situation. If convicted of this charge, you might have to deal with serious consequences. Don't assume that you can handle this case on your own. You need legal representation from an individual who knows the law and will vigorously advocate for you.