Michael R. DalSanto
Attorney at Law

I work with all my clients personally when it comes to alimony/spousal support,child support, child custody and visitation, property division, andpost-decree modifications. When children are involved, your divorce becomes inherently more complex and obtaining a fair agreement becomes all the more vital. One important aspect of any divorce involving children is a custody arrangement or shared parenting plan. Child custody determination will set the ground rules for custody and visitation with each parent both on a temporary basis and for years after the decree has been issued. You can be awarded legal custody, which would give you information about the children and the opportunity to make decisions about their care (including school and religion) or physical custody, which refers to the residential parent who has primary custody. You need an attorney who recognizes what is most important to you and uses that to frame your divorce case.

Even if you are just contemplating divorce, I can connect you with valuable resources to aid in your divorce planning. Knowing what to expect, as well as the potential challenges in your divorce, is extremely helpful in building your confidence and reducing the stress or emotional tension you might experience during divorce. Hiring an attorney who makes you feel at ease can go a long way towards resolving your conflicts quickly and effectively with terms that represent what is fair for you.

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When it comes to divorce, one size does not fit all. There are many different issues and areas of concern within divorces of my clients, and my personalized approach makes you feel as if you have someone in your corner. Many clients find divorce to be overwhelming and extremely emotional, and sorting through the legal ramifications can feel like it's too difficult. Relying on an experienced Ohio family law attorney will make the transition and process easier for you in the short and long run. You need someone who will investigate the comprehensive picture of your situation and develop a personalized strategy for you.