Michael R. DalSanto
Attorney at Law

The key component of a dissolution is that it is done by agreement of both spouses. Both parties must agree on all major marriage termination issues, including child custody and visitation, alimony, and property division. This is the only way that you can proceed with marriage dissolution. From that point on, involved individuals will need to meet with an Ohio family law attorney to create a separation agreement outlining the terms of the marriage dissolution. The court will then approve the separation agreement, and at this point, the marriage will be dissolved. The creation of a separation agreement is critical since it's required that both parties agree to it before the court approves the marriage dissolution. You should consult with your attorney about whether the terms on the table are fair and represent your best interests, because it can be dangerous to sign an agreement only to discover later on that it was not particularly advantageous to you.

Even if your marriage involves the division of high-net-worth assets, marriage dissolution provides an alternative route to the traditional method of divorce. Marriage dissolution tends to lead to more efficient resolutions for both parties and reduces the likelihood of the contentious relationship that the courtroom environment can foster. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the terms, and if having a civil relationship post-divorce is important to you, you should speak with an attorney about how marriage dissolution might benefit you.

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Many people do not realize that divorce is not the only way to terminate a marriage. For some couples, divorce is not the right solution for ending their marriage, and that's when Ohio's dissolution procedure can be an excellent option. Couples that have gone through dissolution of marriage tend to find that when it fits their situation, this approach is less expensive and less emotionally taxing than a traditional divorce. In order to obtain a dissolution of marriage, you should talk through with your attorney whether this route is a viable option in your case.