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The court has specific guidelines in place for families where the combined gross income is up to $150,000. Online support calculators can give you a base guideline for what you might expect in a child support order, but it's always best to work directly with your attorney to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Child Support

Very rarely does one generic solution apply for all families since there are often other assets involved. For example, some parents might have existing college funding plans in place or trusts that might provide for the children. Existing support plans or agreements already generated by the parents might offer more flexibility and better solutions for child support as opposed to court ordered requirements. In this regard, child support can be incorporated as one aspect of a broader plan for the well being of your children.

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If you're getting divorced and are not sure how this will affect your finances after the decree has been awarded, it's likely you have some questions about the child support process in Ohio. Child support orders are developed after a thorough review of the financial situation of each parent.

If your combined gross income is upwards of $150,000, you may be wondering about how much support could be owed. Frequently, the courts will extend existing guidelines to meet higher incomes, but you might also benefit from more creative and unique child support solutions. We work with you to identify what could be most appropriate for your family and go from there.