Michael R. DalSanto
Attorney at Law

Child Custody and Visitation

Ohio law protects your custody and visitation rights, and this stretches to more modern family scenarios. These include threats of retaliation from former spouses, same-sex relationships, domestic partnerships and second marriages. Even after a relationship or marriage has ended, you might face some issues in regard to custody and visitation. If this happens, and especially if you are being threatened, you need to retain family law counsel as quickly as possible.

If you are facing a dispute, call Attorney Michael DalSanto today at 614-290-4638 to ensure that you get a fair arrangement for you and your children. 

For the majority of clients who are contemplating a divorce where children are concerned, those children are the most valuable asset within the marriage. A divorce is a major shift for a family, and child custody and visitation issues often present the most challenging questions. I work hard for all of my clients who want to receive fair child custody orders. I look out for your goals and rights in family court, recognizing that the relationship between parent and child is a special bond that should be fostered and encouraged whenever possible.

Ohio Child Custody Arrangements

Sole Physical Custody: One parent is responsible for day to day care on primary basis.

Joint Physical Custody: Both parents serve as primary caretakers.

Legal Custody: Both parents are involved in the decision making process as it relates to child or children.

Ohio judges are instructed to consider multiple factors in a child custody case and select a resolution that is in the best interest of the child. In your child custody case, the judge may speak to you, your children and other relevant individuals (such as teachers) before making a decision. I have experience reviewing shared parenting arrangements to determine the best arrangement for your children, understanding your needs and desires for their life after the divorce decree has been issued. Where necessary, I may recommend unique and creative child custody scenarios that may suit your family better.